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"If I were to take a writing class right now, this is the one I would take. Michelle combines technical know how, impressive professional experience and big hearted support. Go!" 
Writing teacher, performer and producer/host of TASTY WORDS literary salon
Women's Writing Group, West Los Angeles

Writing Class
Client & Student Testimonials

From Authors/Filmmakers

"Michelle is one of my trusted inner circle readers. Before publishing I'll send drafts of essays for Michelle to read. Often multiple drafts-- I'm so fortunate to have her thoughtful insights and critique. Michelle's notes never fail to make my writing sharper and you'd be doing yourself a favor to enlist her in your work whether you're writing for your own personal growth or for publication. There's a reason why she is the first person I thank in my latest book!"


--Annabelle Gurwitch

author: I See You Made an Effort

NY Times best seller


“One of the most critical lessons I have learned through my many years as a film director, writer and producer, is that real perspective is very hard to come by … and absolutely essential. When you are completely inside your work, it is impossible to assess its true effectiveness and impact. Nothing is more valuable than a fellow writer or collaborator who can give you not only honest, but keen feedback; feedback that will immeasurably enhance the power of your work. Michelle Joyner is such a person and writer and through my many years and many projects she has bounced back to me insights that have never failed to improve and sharpen my work.”


--Marc Abraham

Prolific Hollywood Producer and writer/director of    I SawThe Light, Sony Classics




“Michelle has a unique ability to see the macro issues and the micros issues at the same time.  She helped me with the overall sweep of my script as well as with the nitpicking little things that tighten up a scene like nobody’s business.   She just gets to the heart of it all.”


--Denise Gruska

Screenwriter and author of the children's book: The Only Boy in Ballet Class





“I haven’t written a screenplay in twenty years without showing it to Michelle Joyner as soon as the first rough draft is done. Her feedback  and insights are essential to my process in arriving at a finished screenplay. She is nothing short of wonderful.”

 --Howard Goldberg, writer/director of Jake Squared and Eden.



Michelle did an impressive job of understanding exactly what was missing from my story and provided some valuable ideas for how to address those issues. Her uncanny intuition coupled by her straightforward delivery allowed me to see the play's core conflict from an entirely new perspective. I highly recommend working with Michelle.


- Nikki Beinstein, co-author of the award-winning book Phlogs: Journey to the Heart of the Human Predicament and The Middle World 

From Students

As a teacher, Michelle Joyner provides the perfect storm of inspirational leadership, strong guided prompts, eloquent critique and consistent encouragement. She is a goal-driven guide who works tirelessly to improve the writing of her students. Whatever your writerly goals, Michelle will meet you on the path to push you further in the right direction.


--KAREN RAPPAPORT writer/producer                     



I started  to write in my 70's  and thought it would be fun for me - but it is so much more. I am getting to memories that are close to my soul and my writing has  improved as well. The women in class are great but Michelle is a master teacher and she guides us through the time together magically - I am so happy I am at The Long Table!



retired teacher





We are a group of various ages and backgrounds, who come to feast on Michelle’s leadership, inspiration, keen ear, and directed encouragement. We always leave full…but wanting more.


--Deborah Frutkin

short fiction writer







I love taking class with Michelle.  She knows how to prompt us to dig deep and stir up our own creative juices.  And she’s great with feedback, both instructive and insightful.  I leave wanting to get back to my pad and write more.  


--Judy Silk

author: If You Give a Mom a Margarita.



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